The origins

The Trenches alongside the Piave riverbank

The land of Prosecco Belvedere has been the scene of a tragical piece of the First World War, because on this ground took place “The Big Battle on the Piave river” in 1918, as shown by three little forts and a 1400 meters trenches still open to visits, destination of an international tourism interested in these historical places.

The bond between the Prosecco Belvedere and the history not only of the Veneto region but of all Italy is represented by the father’s will, Mr.Egidio Dall’Acqua, to tell and enhance this cultural heritage through a range of Prosecco DOC able to express the magic and the passion that linger here.


Hemingway and those days on the Piave riverbank

Ernesto and Ernest.
A not accidental homonymy that one between the young founder of Prosecco Belvedere and the famous American writer and journalist. The name “Ernesto” has been around for three generations among the successor of that first Ernesto, who really met Hemingway on the Piave riverbank during the First World War.

And it is from that meeting that the name Ernesto (among its meaning we can find “serious”, “loyal”, “honest”, but also “fighting” and “powerful”) characterizes the descendants of the Dall’Acqua family, as a tribute to an extraordinary man of culture, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, who established a relationship of deep passion with the Veneto region.

The story between Hemingway and the Veneto region became a long-lasting love story, that still now thrills tourists from over the world. In the area of Prosecco Belvedere indeed, the “Hemingway Route” twists and turns and reminds what happened along the Piave riverbank starting from the summer of 1918. The places so loved by Hemingway expand up to other areas easy to reach from Prosecco Belvedere: Schio, Bassano del Grappa, Caorle and last but not least Venice, where, thanks to him, two historical bars became famous: the “Harry’s Bar” and the “Locanda Cipriani” in the Torcello island.