A family history

A historic family strongly connected to the ground

A beautiful land between Venice and the Piave river, a wine-making estate that belongs to a family strongly connected to the ground, a kind of wine that represents a world excellence: the Prosecco DOC.

Prosecco Belvedere is a dream that recently came true but that has deep roots, firmly anchored in the Venetian land, where Dall’Acqua Family’s values and concept grew up at the same speed as the business mind of this family. It all began a century ago, when a large family of farmers invested, with sacrifice and efforts, in many agricultural activities, leading them to success: from arable land to breeding, to finally get to the vineyards that nowadays make up the 100-hectares viticulture territory of Prosecco Belvedere. The Dall’Acqua Family’s past is linked to that of two historical family branches (the “Giol” and the “Cecchetto”) that contributed to the agricultural development of the Veneto region, turning it from a poor land into the birthplace of a quality wine.

A wealth of stories, skills, love and respect for the land carried on by Ernesto Dall’Acqua, the young farmer who bravely and ambitiously set up Prosecco Belvedere as a new reality that has its roots in an important past. And it is precisely on the continuity between past, present and future that the identity of Prosecco Belvedere develops to become a new quality wine producer with his range of Prosecco (Brut, Extra Dry and Rosé Extra dry) that represents a unique land, loved and lived also by Ernest Hemingway.


The history

The past teaches us the enthusiasm for the future: our values ​​have always accompanied us.