The territory

The production area of the Prosecco DOC.

The wines of Prosecco Belvedere are born in a land traditionally suited to viticulture, that one mainly flat between the provinces of Treviso and Venice. This agricultural landscape is embroidered by rows of vines and dotted by wine farms which goal is the achievement of high-quality standards. They have been contributed for years to the distinction of this area, that gave rise to Prosecco DOC: a denomination that became the distinctive product among Italian bubbles around the world.

The Prosecco Belvedere production is concentrated right here: the company chose to bet on Prosecco DOC because it is born in a land with unique environmental conditions, and it became the ambassador of this area in the world. The Prosecco Doc is mainly made by Glera, a native vine of north-eastern Italy, well known by Ancient Romans. The ground here is of sedimentary-alluvial origin, of a mainly clayey, calcareous and gravelly nature.

Visiting the territory of Prosecco DOC means discovering a kaleidoscope of landscapes, traditions and countries in which viticulture, nature and history live in symbiosis, from Venice to the Dolomiti mountains.

A sensation that you can breathe in the property of Prosecco Belvedere too, where the common theme, from cultivation to bottling, is the wish to make this product known because it expresses the hundreds of shades of a unique area in the world.

Our estates

More than 100 hectares of Vineyard in various locations of the Treviso province, on the border with Venice.

This is the wine heritage of Prosecco Belvedere, managed in accordance with the principles of taking care of the agricultural landscape thanks to woods and bushes and the involvement of local communities.

In this area you can find the authenticity of the Veneto region, based on a viticulture that respects the environment, nature and terroir. The properties are historically settled in this area and are the expression of it.

The zoneCharacteristics of the territory

In Veneto between the provinces of Treviso and Venice.

Veneto - Italy
30 meters above sea level
Glera, black Pinot, Chardonnay
Soil profile
Clay, sometimes even gravelly
Warm and temperate

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15 thousand bottles
180 Ql
Yield per hectare
Vines per hectare