The cellar

Traditional skills and technological innovation

The family history represents the solid basis of the Prosecco Belvedere, but it’s the innovation that allows the Prosecco DOC to express himself in the best way. In the countryside but especially in the cellar, the modern technology marks the grapes manufacturing processing.

In our opinion, the innovative side of the Cellar is important to keep up with the times, to develop and keep a high-quality
level wine, by respecting the production method of the Prosecco DOC: the Charmat method, also known as Martinotti method, according to which the secondary fermentation takes place in autoclaves.

The formation of carbon dioxide occurs biologically, thanks to the action of selected yeasts that transform sugars into alcohol. The must slowly ferments into the autoclaves, about a maximum of 6 months, to ensure a perfect balance between taste, aroma, elegance, texture and excellence of perlage.


The use of the technology with awareness and preparation

Prosecco Belvedere carries out the process of vinification with the highest quality machinery such as soft presses for pressure, flotation devices for the cleaning of musts to obtain a top-quality fermentation, and crossflow filters to be used during the filtering operations.

The technology must be used with awareness and preparation, and it goes at the same speed as the fundamental contribution of human expertise. The work of qualified and motivated men ensures that the introduced innovations are maximized, and the Prosecco Belvedere is, in fact, a high-quality wine, made with passion and professionalism.