Prosecco DOC
Extra Dry



Growing area:

S. Andrea di Barbarana, Piavon

Training system:

free-cord Sylvoz

Vineyard density:


Soil profile:

clay, sandy, sometimes even gravelly


30 meters above sea level

Harvest time:

middle of September

Vineyard yield:

12 tonnes/ha

Pressing: very soft pressing
Sparkling technique: long Charmat method (70/90 days)
Maturation time: 45 days before selling
Yield of grapes in wine: 70%
Acidity: 5,70 ÷ 5,90 grams per litre
Ph: 3,15 ÷ 3,25
Residual sugar 12 ÷ 14 grams per litre


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Extra Dry”

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Prosecco Belvedere Extra Dry

Wine dataOrganoleptic notes

A rich straw-yellow colour, elegant and thick bubbles. A delicate note of white pulp fruit, hay, vanilla butter and yeasts. To the palate is harmonious, moderately tannic taste, well balanced, fresh and dry.

Table wineFood Matches

A delightful aperitif served with battered vegetables, fried foods and cheeses; it also matches perfectly with cold pasta. Excellent pairing with raw fish such as oysters and prawns.