Prosecco DOC



Growing area:

S. Andrea di Barbarana, Piavon

Training system:

free-cord Sylvoz

Vineyard density:


Soil profile:

clay, sandy, sometimes even gravelly


30 meters above sea level

Harvest time:

middle of September

Vineyard yield:

12 tonnes/ha

Pressing: very soft pressing
Sparkling technique: long Charmat method (70/90 days)
Maturation time: 45 days before selling
Yield of grapes in wine: 70%
Acidity: 3,15 ÷ 3,25 grams per litre
Ph: 3,15 ÷ 3,25
Residual sugar 10 ÷ 12 grams per litre


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Prosecco Belvedere Brut

Wine dataOrganoleptic notes

A bright straw-yellow colour. Thin and lasting bubble. It reminds of flower fragrance with notes of apple, pear and citrus fruit. Having a fresh and strong pleasant flavour, it gives a smooth and creamy texture which lingers in the mouth.

Table wineFood Matches

Perfect with light first courses, white meat, fish. Excellent with “maltagliati” (a kind of pasta) with squid julienne. Suitable throughout the meal.